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Duane Belvoir had a dream to own his own horse transportation business. His vision was to operate and own a horse transportation business that dedicated itself to the high standards he had learned from his father, Clarence Belvoir, who worked as the lead horse transporter for 30 years.

 Duane worked with his father in the administration, as well as, hands on delivering the horses throughout the last 20 years. He owned and operated two small businesses; baseball coaching and training and a sports memorabilia shop while attending college to finish his Bachelors of Science at Oregon State University. Duane then worked for six years at The Children's Learning Center, a head start program, in Madras Oregon, as an Executive Director.

After Duane finished his MBA, Masters in Business Administration from Concordia University, he started to pursue this vision of starting the horse transportation business. He worked for two years at the Washington Thoroughbred Breeders Association as the Executive Director in Auburn, WA. and started to work on a business plan with his Dad. 

His Dad passed away in February of 2009, so unfortunately he was never able to see the plan come alive. However in January 2010, with the help of his family and people in the horse industry, he made his vision become a reality.
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